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Marietta Sump Pump Repairs

When you need Marietta sump pump repairs, call the sump pump repair experts at Metro Septic. Is your basement constantly flooding every time there is a rain storm? Our sewer and septic service’s sump pump and ejector pump installation will help prevent your basement from flooding the next time there’s a rain storm.

How does a sump and ejector pump work and how does it prevent flooding? When there is a rain shower, ground water is safely gathered underneath your house while at the same time releasing unwanted water away from your house.

The purpose of a sump and ejector pump is to stop sewage overflows within your septic and sewer line services from seeping into your house. So, the next time your septic and sewers lines block incoming waste, the sewage ejector pump will automatically guide the waste water away.

Ejector Pumps

Our qualified team will replace, repair or install a water powered sump pump, ejector pump or battery backup sump pump. We also provide maintenance service on sump pumps to help avoid breakdowns and basement flooding. Our licensed and insured technicians will provide you with quality sewer and septic services guaranteed.

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Have a question about our sump and ejector pumps, installation, repair or maintenance service? Also need to inquire about our drain line repair service or drain field installation service? Our technicians are available 24 hours per day.

Contact our Sump Pump Repair Experts today for a free quote on any or all of our sewer and septic services. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are prepared to respond to your sewer and septic needs.

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